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State final examination and final theses


Preparation, presentation and defense of final theses (hereafter FT), i.e., Bachelor and Master theses, and the implementation of State final examinations (hereafter SFE) at the Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague are governed by:

  • Act No. 111/1998 Sb., regulating higher education, as amended (Higher Education Act),
  • Art. 16 to 18 of the Study and Examination Code for students of CTU,
  • Rector’s order No 6/2006 On the Publication of Final Theses at CTU in accordance with Act No. 111/1998 Sb. Sec. 47(b),
  • Guideline No. 1/2009 Pertaining to Ethical Principles in Preparing Final Theses in Higher Education (,
  • Dean’s Directive No. 14/2015 for the Administration of the Bachelor and Master Study Programme in Informatics at the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University in Prague. (See below.)

These study regulations are available from

Dean’s Directive No. 14/2015 for the Administration of Final Theses and State Final Examinations

Final theses

One semester before your final thesis, you should register a preparatory course:

  • BIE-BPR for bachelor level studies (recommended in the 5th semester)
  • MIE-MPR for master level studies (recommended in the 3rd semester)

See below for more information on this course.

In your last semester, you are supposed to register the following course:

  • BIE-BAP for bachelor level studies (recommended in the 6th semester)
  • MIE-DIP for master level studies (recommended in the 4th semester)

This course represents the main work that should be dedicated to create your final thesis.

The final thesis system is available at (If switching to English has no effect, go to “Systém závěrečné práce” in the menu, then “Diploma theses”).

Courses BIE-BPR and MIE-MPR

You should register a thesis topic in the beginning of the semester and contact the supervisor. By the 6th week of the semester, you should agree with the supervisor on some partial tasks regarding the selected topic. At the end of the semester, the supervisor will give you credit for the course BIE-BPR/MIE-MPR (in the case of an external supervisor, the credit is given by the head of the appropriate department) It may happen that by the end of the semester, you decide to change the topic of the thesis. It is possible, the credit for this course is given by the supervisor based on your work.

Course BIE-DPR (for BIE only)

The purpose of the course is to help the student to write and defend their bachelor thesis. The recommend semester is 6.

Topic selection and approval

A final thesis topic may be reserved only after your study branch is specified. You may reserve topics only within your study branch. The topic should be approved. You should start the approval process by the end of the instruction period the semester preceding the expected last semester. (That is, following the recommended course of study, the end the instruction period of the 5th semester for BIE and the 3rd semester for MIE).

The approval process requires that you approve the final version of the thesis assignment. Once this is done, the topic is approved. You may register the BIE-BAP/MIE-DIP course only once your topic is approved. A signed printed version of the thesis assignment needs to be part of your thesis. The printed version will be given to you by the appropriate officer for state final examinations (

More information

Be sure to see the details regarding final thesis and state final examinations in the Dean’s directive for the Administration of Final Theses and State Final Examinations (see above). In case of any doubts, please contact your study advisor.

State final examination topics

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