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MIE-BKO.16 - Error Control Codes

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Teacher: Ing. Pavel Kubalík, Ph.D.

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  1. Introduction and recapitulation.
  2. Error control codes - basic principles.
  3. Linear codes.
  4. Codes generated by polynomial.
  5. Cyclic codes, finite fields, and minimal polynomials.
  6. Burst error correction codes.
  7. Burst error correction methods.
  8. Sums and products of codes and RM codes.
  9. BCH codes.
  10. Correction codes for byte errors, RS codes.
  11. Convolutional and turbo codes.
  12. Codes for arithmetic operations.


  1. Linear codes I.
  2. Linear codes II.
  3. Cyclic codes.
  4. Finite fields.
  5. Finite fields and polynomials.
  6. Burst error correction.
  7. BCH codes, assessment.

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