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MIE-ARI - Computer arithmetics

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Teacher: Ing. Pavel Kubalík, Ph.D.

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  1. Introduction and recapitulation.
  2. Number systems and basic operations.
  3. Decimal codes.
  4. Multiplication I.
  5. Division I.
  6. Floating point.
  7. Problem with carry and its accelerating.
  8. Multiplication II.
  9. Division II.
  10. Elementar functions I.
  11. Elementar functions II.
  12. Non standard number system.


  1. Number systems and basic operations.
  2. Multiplication and division of signed numbers.
  3. Realization of floating point operations.
  4. Non-standard application of number systems.
  5. Carry in adders. Design of unit used for one function value calculation.
  6. Operations in non-standard number systems.

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