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BIE-UOS - Introduction to Operating Systems


  • The 3rd test takes place on the 9th December, 16:15-17:45 in T9:351.
  • Assessment test takes place on the 16th December, 14:30-16:00 in T9:348.


  • This module is finished by the graded assessment.
  • During the semestr there will be four tests
    • 15 minut [15 points]: (4th week)
    • 20 minut [20 points]: (7th, 10th week)
    • assessment test: 70 minutes [45 points]: (12th weeks )
  • Necessary condition for the assessment test
    • at least 20 points from all small tests.
  • Absence from the test means 0 points from the test (exception is only serious reason).

Evaluation scale

Evaluation scale is according to The Study and Examination Code for Students of CTU in Prague. (An alternate link)

Points Evaluation in words
A more than 89 excellent
B 80 – 89 very good
C 70 – 79 good
D 60 – 69 satisfactory
E 50 – 59 sufficient
F less than 50 failed

Access to Slides

  • Login is required in order to access course materials!
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