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BI-ULI - Introduction to Linux

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The aim of the course BI-ULI (Introduction to Linux) is, that students become familiar with Linux operating system basics. The course is optional and its content partially overlaps the content of BI-PS1 (Programming in Shell 1). Nevertheless the information is provided different way and it should contribute to understanding the context and overview about problems and increase the probability of passing the course BI-PS1.

It is non contact course. Students will become familiar with the various issues separately using e-learning system, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Final test takes place in the presence of the teacher in the reserved time in the FIT computer lab. In case of successfull completion, students receive an assessment and 2 credits.

The subject is carried out in cooperation between Faculty of Information Technology and Cisco Networking Academy as their standard course on the infrastructure, where commercial courses and certification exams are organized.


  • The condition of BI-ULI course enrollment is, that the student has also enrolled the subject of BI-PS1.
  • Course enrollment is not possible in KOS system, it must be done by Office for Studies. Nevertheless the personal visit is not necessary, simply write an email to your study referent.
  • Subject can be enrolled up to 21 Sep 2016.
  • The study form and study year does not matter.
  • Study materials and exam questions are in English.
  • Final tests will be held only until 21 Dec 2016, later only in justified cases.

Practical guidelines

  1. Within a few days after registration of the subject, the student receives an email from the Cisco Networking Academy, which includes his/her credentials.
  2. Students log in using these credentials and follow the instructions on the screen. Then the BI-ULI topics are made available during the entire semester.
  3. Access is possible at any time, 24 hours a day, number of logins during the semester is unlimited. The manipulation is very intuitive, it is possible to navigate through the chapters, you can try everything in a virtual machine window, you can solve examples and examination tests for some chapters.
  4. If a student thinks that he/she is prepared to pass the final test, he/she registers for a test using standard manner on dates listed in the KOS system.
  5. Final test will be held in the computer lab through a web interface. Randomly selected questions from all chapters are generated in limited time. Final test principle is the same as in the chapters where tests were available for self-testing.
  6. Student is obliged to prove his/her identity to the teacher and then log in using his/her credentials. The usage of any tools, including pens and papers, is not permitted.
  7. Passing the written test is given upon achieving a certain percentage of correct answers. The result is announced to the student immediately after finishing the test.


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