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BIE-TED - Electronic Documentation Design

Official web page

The module BIE-TED has been cancelled. If it is mandatory in your study plan, contact me as soon as possible.

Since summer semester 2015/2016, there are no lectures, seminars, nor labs.

Just consultation form. You are supposed to self study stuff from EDUX and the web. It is recommended to work with software mentioned here. General information about this module may be found here. It is possible to arrange a meeting (consultation) with the teacher).


Final assessment terms

Assessment terms have just been opened in KOS. There is no other chance to pass this module. If you know that you cannot attend any of them, email me ASAP.

Remember that it is mandatory to enrol to one of them (and come). Tasks to be defended during the term must be successfully submitted to Progtest in advance (within deadlines).

2016/04/30 00:30 · guthondr

Login necessary

Please login to gain access.

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