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BIE-JPO - Computer units

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Teacher: Ing. Pavel Kubalík, Ph.D.

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1. Computer structure and basic logic blocks. Fix point numbers (representation of numbers & arithmetic operations).
2. Binary addition and subtraction. Fix point numbers (hardware realization of arithmetic operations, hardware minimization).
3. Radix complement - 2’s complement code. Basic blocks of data path (adder, subtractor, multiplexor, shifter).
4. Controllers and controll units - microprogramed and wired controller. DOP-v3 overview, instructions, assembler code.
5. Binary multiplcation and division . DOP-v3 data part.
6. Memories and basic principles. DOP-v3 control part, processor's cycle, micro-program & micro-instructions (basic structure) Project allocation(home work).
7. Special memory - addressable, LIFO, FIFO, CAM. Test 1.
8. Linear codes - Simple error control codes. Sample project realization.
9. Linear codes - Cyclic codes. Wired & micro-programmed control unit.
10. I/O units and its controll. Error control codes.
11. Buses - types, aktivity modes, arbitration. Test 2. Project documentation
12. Floating point - formates and operations. Project presentation.
13. Reserved Assessment.

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