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  • Josef Pavlíček
  • Office 931 (building A). Consultation hours each Wednesday 13:00 or according to my schedule on Tuesday 14:20 till 16 (it is better to send email or call +420 737 385 475 to reserve a time slot).

Building A (Thákurova 7), the “old” blue building connected with the new CTU building through the glass corridor, take a lift to 9th floor. All teacher's offices are located in this building.

Control points

Milestonetimemust be finishedGained points ( quality is OK)Minus points for less quality (delay etc.)
1. control point (CP1) 5. Lab title +text description + 3 queries in common language 2 max -2
2. control point (CP2) 9. Lab conceptual schema + relational model + loops discussion (or acknowledgement don't exist into model) + 10 queries in common language contains 3 category C and D 5 max -5
3. control point (CP3) 25 May finished semester work 12 max -5

Midterm Test

Midterm Test Conceptual modelling, transform ER model ER→ RA /SQL, RA queries 18.04.2018 during the Seminar

Semestral project term

25th May All queries, insert + create script To be late = -5 points for each week delay

Final exams

Started from 22th May Theory, Conceptual modelling, transform ER model ER→ RA /SQL, RA queries, SQL queries, Key and Transitive closure, ACID Max 60 points
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