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BIE-CAO Digital and Analog Circuits

1st week

Evaluation, credit, exams

1st lecture

1st tutorial

2nd week

2nd lecture

2nd tutorial

3rd week

3rd lecture

3rd tutorial

Nodal analysis - examples

4th week

4th lecture

4th tutorial

Nodal analysis - examples
DC steady state - examples

5th week

5th lecture

5th tutorial

6th week

6th lecture

6th tutorial

Bipolar transistors - examples

7th week

7th lecture

Bipolar transistors - completing the lecture, power dissipation in transistor circuits

7th tutorial

2nd Test

8th week

8th lecture

Implementation of logic gates - Introduction

8th tutorial

9th week

9th Lecture

9th Tutorial

10th week

10th lecture

10th tutorial

Retry tests No 1 and No 2


Dear BIE-CAO students, the exam from the subject will be taken on :

29.01.18 exam BIE-CAO Digital and Analog Circuits 09:30-12:00 classroom T9:302 capacity: 24students

Classroom T9:302 is located on the 3rd floor in the new building of FIT CTU. You must register for the exam in KOS. Not later than 26.01.2018.Please check first if you reached a grade without examination either in Edux or in KOS. If yes, don´t register for the exam in KOS. Those of you that must take the exam, please come in time at the beginning of the exam (09:30 a.m.) so that you all will have the same conditions for writing the test (The tests will be written in between 09:30-11:00). Thanks! Best regards, K.Hyniova

11th week

11th lecture

11th tutorial

3rd TEST

12th week

12th lecture

12th tutorial

Last opportunity for writing retry tests

ASSESMENT, The End of the Semester

13th week

13th lecture

13th tutorial

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