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BIE-AG1 - Algorithms and graphs 1

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  • EXAM: The following regular dates are open in KOS: 10. 1. 2018 and 23. 1. 2018. Later dates are resit only and will be open by agreement. Register, please in KOS.
  • The BIE-AG1 semestral test resit is scheduled for Friday the 5th Jan at 16:15 in T9:155. No registration is needed.
  • The 5th and 6th marast quiz is open for answers.
  • 3rd Progtest is open.
  • Selftests in Marast opens today (preliminary tests for exam for selftesting)
  • If you need some points for activity, solve the homework (activity homework in email I sent you) and send it to me as soon as you need the points.


  • Login is required in order to access course materials!
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