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BI-AAG - Automata and Grammars

Official web page


Topics for oral part of exam

Basic notions

Chomsky hierarchy of grammars and languages

Deterministic and nedeterministic finite automaton (determinization, minimization)

Automata implementations

Automata operations

Regular expressions

Conversions among RE, FA, RG

Pumping lemma

Myhil-Nerod theorem

Lexikální analyzátor

Contect-free grammars and theri transformations


Pushdown automata


Translation grammars

Translation automata (transducers, pushdown, Mealey, Moore)

Context-sensitive and recursively-enumerable languages

Turing machine

Problem classes P, NP, NP-complete, NP-hard, undecidable problems, polynomial-time reduction

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Stage of oral part of current exam

You will find the order of students at oral part of current exam. Each student is examinated in 7 minutes on average. You can infer from the information above when you are online. If you are online but not present, the next student is taken. (We expect that who does not show up gives up the exam.)

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The First Test on December 2-3, 2015

The first test is organized in the evenings on December 2 and 3, 2015. Do not forget to register for the test in our information system (KOS).

You are supposed to come in front of the room (T9:105 on December 2, or T9:155 on December 3) 15 minutes before the start of the test. Do not forget to take with you your student ID which is required for your identification we have to ensure.

I wish you success with the first test, Jan Holub

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